Start’Ep account

Start’Ep account

The Start'Ep account allows you, from the age of 12, to start saving independently at a preferential rate. You can invest your savings, at your own pace, for your future projects.

Build up savings independently
Open a savings account independently from the age of 12
No account maintenance fees
At the age of 18 automatic conversion into a BCGE Epargne account (CHF) or into an Epargne Classic account (EUR/USD)

The essentials

Independent savings

The Start'Ep account allows you, from the age of 12 to the age of 17, to put aside your savings independently and securely. 
This account can be opened by the minor alone or accompanied by his/her parents. 

A practical mobile application 

Thanks to the BCGE Mobile Netbanking application, you have the opportunity to manage your payments and transfers with a modern solution that is always at hand. 

Special offers and advantageous partnerships

The Start'Ep account gives you access to extra-bank offers on the Youth portal. You can take advantage of special offers throughout the year.

Further information

  • The Start'Ep account is available in CHF, EUR and USD
  • Withdrawals are free of charge at the cantonal bank ATMs 
  • An account can be opened from the age of 12 by the minor alone
  • Automatic conversion of the account into a BCGE Epargne account at the age of 18 
  • Withdrawal limit CHF 50'000 per year, for higher amounts, notice period of 31 days