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Together with the 23 other cantonal banks, BCGE is committed to promoting financial literacy amongst young people. The FinanceMission Association was founded by the cantonal banks and the teachers' associations of German and French-speaking Switzerland.


Objectives of the FinanceMission Association

To raise awareness amongst young people on how to handle money responsibly and to develop their financial literacy. In order to achieve this, FinanceMission provides curriculum-based, entertaining and instructive teaching materials for schools throughout Switzerland.

The FinanceMission teaching and learning programme complies with the requirements of the Plan d'Etude Romand (PER) and Lehrplan 21 (Swiss school curricula). It is aimed at all school levels of the lower secondary level (12 to 15 year olds).

For further information on the FinanceMission learning programme:

For further information on financial literacy:


Young people and money

Launched by the Cantonal Banks, the website deals with issues relating to young people and money.

This trilingual site provides parents with advice and tips, and helps them to teach their youngsters to manage their money responsibly.

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