BCGE fund savings plan

BCGE fund savings plan

With the Fund Savings Plan, you boost your capital by investing regularly in the markets.

An accessible investment solution which boosts surplus savings aimed at carrying out your projects and those planned over the long term for your children
A way-in to diversified investment categories and markets
A monthly investment scheme which means that financial market variations can be smoothed out and returns optimised over time

The essentials

Methodically accumulating and optimising capital by regularly buying investment fund units

When you are still short of a specific amount of capital to invest but your immediate cash, savings and pension requirements are covered, additional savings can be invested on a regular and systematic basis using the

BCGE fund savings plan

Surplus savings available are invested each month in a Synchrony investment fund, selected from among the range of 14 funds that are eligible within the framework of this plan, one which fits in with your own investment strategy and investor profile.

A way to benefit from the best return expectations

To succeed by investing when the market is at its lowest and selling when it is at its highest is illusory, for the simple reason that short-term market performance is unpredictable. By investing regularly, each month, you are able to smooth out the buy price during bull and bear phases alike and therefore benefit, over time, from the cost-average effect.

Access to the markets made easy

Investment in Synchrony, investment funds, through the BCGE fund savings plan, is possible with a minimum CHF/EUR/USD 100 per month. 
In addition, the diversity of the range of investment funds proposed within the framework of the BCGE fund savings plan means that every investor's expectations can be met: equity, asset allocation and real estate funds.

Advantageous fee conditions

No administration fee is charged on a securities portfolio under the BCGE fund savings plan. Unit issues and redemptions within the Synchrony are exempt from commission.

BCGE Fund Savings Plan for children

Saving early on for your child is the ideal way to:

  • Guarantee him/her a capital when he/she turns 18
  • Help him/her to carry out a long-term project
  • Offer him/her the comfort of a good start in life

Further Information

Reference currencies

The BCGE fund savings plan can be subscribed in the currency of your choice: CHF, EUR or USD.


The BCGE fund savings plan is available, not only for adults, but also for minors, for example in the case of parents who wish to invest for their child.
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