A bank that targets the protection of your free time and your assets

Banque Cantonale de Genève is a universal bank. A local commercial bank that is in close daily contact with companies.
  • This gives us the insight to identify and evaluate the best companies. True value and performance come from within each company.
  • Our wealth management mandates greatly benefit from our presence and experience in the real economy.
  • Our portfolio managers are at your disposal to share their opinions and analyses. Exchange your ideas with us. Put us to the test!

Which securities should be selected from amongst the nebula of financial investments?

Good financial knowledge is no longer enough to structure a strong portfolio. It takes cutting-edge expertise to discover, identify, analyse, choose and assemble the best securities in the investment universe.
In order to capture the brightest of the financial constellations, BCGE has defined its own investment philosophy for its clients.

Best of management mandate

With a Best of management mandate, you opt for a specific and structured investment strategy that captures the performance of the best companies and institutions worldwide.

Tailor-made services

Our tailor-made services allow you to structure your wealth and plan your financial future.