BCGE Prepaid Mastercard

With the BCGE Prepaid top-up card, you can pay for your purchases in shops and on the internet cash-free, while keeping a tight grip on your budget. It is practical for everyday use and for travelling.

The safe and convenient cashless payment method with many features
The card that gives you complete control over your budget
Additional services and a very attractive bonus programme
You can check your card balance online at

The essentials

Numerous functionalities

With the BCGE PrePaid top-up card, you can pay for your purchases without cash in over 120 countries, in shops, restaurants, petrol stations, etc. You can also make secure online purchases (3-D Secure standards).
With contactless function, you can pay for purchases up to CHF 80 securely without a signature or code.
You can withdraw cash from ATMs all over the world.

Perfect control of your budget

You can top up your BCGE Prepaid card according to your needs, for example via BCGE Netbanking or BCGE Mobile Netbanking or, in an emergency, by contacting our online banking advisers on +41 (0)58 211 21 00 (in this case, you must have signed a release form for instructions given to the bank by telephone, fax or e-mail).
This allows you to determine the limits of your BCGE PrePaid card yourself and only spend the amount credited to your card. Your budget is thus perfectly under control.
The BCGE PrePaid top-up card is aimed primarily at young people for their travels or purchases online.

Additional services

The BCGE PrePaid card also offers an extremely interesting additional service for your purchases: Best price guaranteed. Consult the detailed brochure.

Surprize bonus programme

Whenever you make a purchase with a BCGE credit card, you collect valuable Surprize points, which you can use for special offers or discounts at partner companies.  Find out more about the various offers and attractive rewards at
Surprize points are credited to your account every time you use your card (online or in-store purchases). For partners of the programme, the points are even quadrupled!
You can also use your Surprize points to reduce your annual fee (registration required).


Further information

More security for your transactions

The 3-D secure standard allow you to shop online in total security. Registration is activated when you make your first purchase and is compulsory from the third transaction onwards.
For the security of your transactions with your bank cards, please consult our pages on Security advice and card protection.

Check your spending and card limits online

Register on to track your spending and available balance with your BCGE credit card in real time. MyAccount is also available as an application on your smartphone.


  • Available from 12 years old
  • Free of charge up to 25 years old