Life annuity mortgage

Future primary or secondary residence
Low-cost purchase
Increasing your income
Choosing the type of mortgage

The essentials

Banque Cantonale de Genève supports life annuity financing, i.e. the purchase of a residential property (PPE flat or detached house) where the sale price is paid by granting the seller the right to live in the property and by paying a lump sum (not an annuity), which BCGE can finance up to 80%.

BCGE’s offer

This option allows:

  • The buyer to make an acquisition at a lower cost and without uncertainty as to the duration of the annuity payment, and therefore the actual final cost of the acquisition
  • The seller to be able to stay in his own home while benefiting from a capital sum (the bouquet paid) which he can convert in whole or in part into an annuity for life with an organisation of his choice, thus protecting himself from the possible insolvency of a private buyer.

BCGE does not finance life annuities where the purchaser undertakes to pay an annuity in lieu of and in part of the bouquet to the vendor.

Additional information