Vested benefits account

Vested benefits account

The vested benefits account is intended to preserve your 2nd pillar pension assets if they are not deposited with a pension fund.

Optimum investment return
The capital is exempt from wealth tax
If you should die, the capital is protected and paid out to the beneficiaries in accordance with the law
Additional pure risk insurance cover provided by Swisscanto Safe against the risks of death and disability

The essentials

Invest your occupational pension assets

The vested benefits account enables you to invest your occupational pension fund assets, in line with the provisions of the decree of 3 October 1994 on the free movement (libre passage) of assets relating to pensions, dependents and disability – the vested benefits ordinance (OLP).

Customised solutions to meet your needs

There are two options for managing your vested benefit assets:

Capital protection

In the event of death, your capital is protected and paid to the beneficiaries in accordance with the regulations. Vested benefit assets cannot be seized as long as they remain in the 2nd pillar.

Insurance cover

You can take out additional pure risk insurance cover provided by Swisscanto Safe against the risks of death and disability.

Further information

An account intended to preserve capital

The purpose of the vested benefits account is to preserve pension capital pending its transfer to a new pension fund. This applies in the following cases:
  • Temporary or permanent termination of a gainful activity
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Change of employer (pension fund surplus)
  • Transition to self-employment status

Withdrawal conditions

This account pays interest on the capital at a fixed rate of interest. The vested benefits capital can be withdrawn early, at the earliest 5 years before retirement, under certain conditions:
  • Financing / amortisation of a primary housing loan (possible every five years)
  • Definitive departure from Switzerland but restrictions apply to EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (more details on
  • Starting a self-employed activity
  • Full disability pension (from 70%)
  • Vested benefit assets correspond to a contribution of less than one year to the occupational pension plan.
  • In the event of the insured person's death (the capital is then paid to the beneficiaries)

Guarantee on deposits

Vested benefit assets benefit from the conditions under the guarantee granted to deposits.
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