Mastercard or Visa BCGE credit card

To make non-cash payments worldwide or for your online purchases, BCGE presents a vast choice of credit cards tailored to your situation and requirements.

Make your purchasing easy, worldwide and on internet
Many insurance benefits when travelling and shopping
Free subscription for clients aged under 25
Easy payments with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay and SwatchPAY!

The essentials

Simplicity and security for your cashless payments worldwide

With your BCGE credit card, you can make cashless purchases in more than 43 million retail outlets all over the world and systematically benefit from a full range of appreciable benefits. 
Thanks to your credit card, there is no need to procure or exchange foreign currencies. Whether it is to make a payment or withdraw cash from an ATM abroad, with your card you will always have the right currency on you. 

The one app: more secure online payments

With the free one service, you can easily control and confirm the purchases you make from online merchants that require the 3-D Secure standard. In addition, using the one app you can maintain a permanent overview of your current spending and benefit from other card-linked digital services. 

Insurance benefits for every occasion

When you pay for your purchases with your credit card, you benefit from a whole range of insurance services.
  • With the guarantee extension*, your electronic appliances are covered for an additional 1 or 2 years
  • Thanks to the best price guarantee*, you always benefit from the most advantageous offer
  • Thanks to the shopping insurance*, your new items are covered for 30 days from the date of purchase in the event of damage or theft
By paying for your travel requirements with your credit card, you are automatically insured before and during your trip.
  • Cancellation fee and trip interruption insurance* refunds your expenses in the event of a problem
  • Medical assistance* during the trip gives you good cover in the event of an emergency
  • You automatically benefit from franchise insurance coverage for car rentals* when you rent a vehicle
  • With the insurance for theft, loss or damage to baggage*, your suitcases are perfectly covered
  • The insurance in the event of a baggage delay* covers expenses incurred to purchase essential items of clothing and toiletries.
* The insurance benefits vary depending on whether you possess a Silver/Classic or Gold card. In all cases, it is the General Conditions of Insurance that are decisive and specific to each insurer. Detailed information on 

Further information

A vast choice of cards depending on your situation and requirements

Choose from the various alternatives available for your BCGE credit card: Silver or Gold, Visa or MasterCard, a card in CHF, EUR or USD, ideally linked to an account in the same currency. The limits are calculated based on your situation and needs. 
Additional cards for your partners, relations or yourself cost less. 

A combined offer

The functions of the new debit card are very similar to those of a credit card. However, paying with a credit card offers you the following attractive and exclusive additional advantages:

  • Provisional reservation of amounts when renting a car or on holiday, without debiting your account
  • Numerous insurance benefits when travelling and shopping
  • Surprize loyalty programme
  • Monthly payment option (payment in instalments)
  • Separate monthly invoice
Duo offer - Click here for more details.

The "Surprize" bonus programme

The Surprize bonus programme
"Surprize" is a bonus programme which has some wonderful surprises in store for you. When you pay for purchases with your BCGE credit card, you collect valuable "Surprize" points, which you can exchange for special offers, discounts from partner retailers or a reduced subscription fee. 
Further details on

Support around the clock

As a BCGE credit card holder, you have guaranteed protection in the event of loss or misuse by a third party, provided the conditions of use are respected.
Twenty-four-hour assistance: in the event of an emergency, our partner Viseca's 24-hour service specialists are on hand day and night (telephone number +41 (0)58 958 82 85) to provide practical assistance (addresses of doctors, hospitals or lawyers, payment of deposits and immediate cash).

Security advice

For the security of your bank card transactions, please refer to our Security and card protection advice pages.


  • BCGE credit cards are available for clients aged 18 and over (conditions of eligibility and limits will depend on the client's situation)
  • Subscription is free under 25 years of age