Tailor-made solutions for expatriates.

Wealth management based on a clear and successful investment philosophy
Support and assistance with real-estate projects in Switzerland and France based on our tried-and-tested philosophy of commitment to clients
An analysis of your assets situation and your pension wealth and prospects by our renowned centre of expertise in Switzerland
Tailor-made estate-planning advice in Switzerland by our team of professionals

Tailor-made solutions for expatriates: BCGE provides an extensive range of services designed to meet your needs.

Needs Benefits
Banking services
  • Current and savings accounts in CHF, EUR, USD ,CNY, AED
  • Credit and debit cards
  • Spot and future forex transactions
  • Online and Mobile banking
  • Online brokerage 1816
Real estate in Switzerland and France
  • Main residence
  • Second homes
  • Construction or renovation loans
Wealth management
  • Discretionary management mandates
  • Lombard loans
  • Investment advice & advisory service
  • Financial planning
  • Private equity investments
  • Investment funds and structured funds
Pension savings management
  • Dedicated pensions and savings advisory team
  • 2nd and 3rd pillar accounts
  • Life insurance contracts
  • 3rd pillar retirement fund saving plans
  • Life annuities

Estate and inheritance planning advice in Switzerland

  • Estate analysis
  • Estate planning
Review of tax opportunities in Switzerland
  • 3rd pillar accounts
  • Tax analysis
  • Tax planning and optimisation

Banque Cantonale de Genève

Firmly established in the Canton of Geneva since 1816, BCGE is majority-owned by the Canton of Geneva and the cantonal municipalities. As a universal bank, BCGE covers retail banking, corporate finance, real estate finance, private banking and asset management. With a large spectrum of activities, BCGE is a driving force in the Geneva market.

A universal bank model

In its capacity as member of the Swiss stock exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange), BCGE is one of the few banks in Geneva to offer its clients easy and personalised access to the financial markets. BCGE's trading room operates on an open architecture basis and selects its products and assets independently.
BCGE provides expert advice services to corporate leaders seeking to adopt the best financial and risk management strategy.
BCGE also offers global wealth management solutions with Swiss know-how : for each client segment, BCGE can provide a comprehensive range of services based on an investment philosophy that strikes a balance between risk control and return.
The Global Commodity Finance business unit of BCGE provides an active platform for the financing of international commodities trading. This field is comprised of 570 companies in Switzerland, 400 of which are based in the Geneva area, one of the leading commodities trading centres in the world.

Standard & Poor's confirms Banque Cantonale de Genève's A+/positive/A-1 rating

Geneva, 11 May 2023 – The rating agency Standard & Poor’s has confirmed Banque Cantonale de Genève’s credit rating of AA-/A-1+/Stable. The AA- rating relates to long-term commitments, while the A-1+ rating applies to short-term commitments. This independent rating reflects the bank's financial strength and confirms its leading position in the region.

Your contact person

A Geneva team dedicated to private banking clients and other eligible individuals
  Leonel Amaral
Private banking International Geneva
Phone : +41 22 809 24 85
E-mail : leonel.amaral@bcge.ch
  Camille Hunsbedt
Private banking International Geneva
Phone : +41 22 809 29 69
E-mail : camille.hunsbedt@bcge.ch
A dedicated team in Basel for private clients
  Michael Zumstein
Team Head Expat Clients
Phone : +41 61 226 61 03
E-mail : michael.zumstein@bcge.ch
  Thomas Sailer
Senior Advisor Expat Clients
Phone : +41 61 226 61 06
E-mail : thomas.sailer@bcge.ch
A dedicated team in Lausanne
  Patrick Boinnard
Senior Advisor Buisness partner
Phone : +41 21 321 07 20
E-mail : patrick.boinnard@bcge.ch
  Alexandre Araldi
Senior Private Banking Advisor
Phone : +41 21 321 07 11
E-mail : alexandre.araldi@bcge.ch
A dedicated team in Zurich
  Michael Heusser
Team Head Expat Clients
Phone: +41 44 224 65 34
E-mail: auslandschweizer@bcge.ch
  Maxime Loose
Adviser foreign clients
Phone: +41 44 224 65 66
E-mail: auslandschweizer@bcge.ch
A Geneva team dedicated to private banking clients and other eligible individuals
  Bertrand Chabot
Head of Team 1 Private Banking International Geneva 
Phone : +41 22 809 28 02
E-mail : bertrand.chabot@bcge.ch
  Bernard Schopfer
Senior Wealth Manager
Phone : +41 22 809 24 86
E-mail : bernard.schopfer@bcge.ch

A dedicated team at the BCGE Dubaï Representative Office
  Ghazala Abbas
Head of Dubaï Representative Office
Phone : +971 4 329 83 00
E-mail : ghazala.abbas@bcge.ch
  Lucia Luis
Executive Assistant
Phone : +971 4 329 83 00
E-mail : lucia.luis@bcge.ch
A dedicated team in Geneva
  Laurent Juget
Head of Team 3 Private Banking International Geneva
Phone : +41 22 809 20 86
E-mail : laurent.juget@bcge.ch

Our HK based team providing you with representational and liaison activities 
for BCGE Geneva
  Renaud Chambolle
Head Of Hong Kong Representative Office
Phone : +85 22 810 81 80
E-mail : renaud.chambolle@bcge.ch
  Carlo Huerlimann
Senior Representative officer
Phone : +85 22 810 83 98
E-mail : carlo.huerlimann@bcge.ch
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Are you a BCGE client moving house within Switzerland or abroad? If so, there’s no need to change banks. We’ll accompany you on your journey. See our I-MOVE brochure for details.

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