Independent management

Independent management

With a Gestion libre account coupled with a BCGE Custody account, you manage your securities portfolio independently.

Total autonomy in managing your securities
Relevant information on all types of investments & Rapid execution of your instructions
The possibility of obtaining additional cash with a Lombard loan
An interest bonus on your savings with the BCGE Avantage service loyalty programme

The essentials

Total autonomy in managing your assets

Manage your portfolio yourself while benefiting from the services of your adviser and financial analyst, especially in terms of financial information.
You yourself choose the investments to suit your objectives and personal circumstances and you determine the degree of risk and the time horizon of your investments.
You decide on your investment profile and the various asset weightings. The pricing (under or overvaluation) of the assets you wish to buy or sell therefore remains your prerogative.
We execute your orders with care and diligence, in accordance with your instructions.

Lombard loan

Are you considering undertaking a project or making an investment and do you need some extra cash? You can obtain a one-off facility in the form of a credit limit or firm advance without having to sell off any of your investments.

Interest bonuses on your savings

Thanks to the BCGE Avantage service loyalty programme, you can benefit from a 0.5% interest bonus on your savings if you hold 40 BCGE shares or units in BCGE Synchrony (CH) Funds in your custody account.

Further information


  • The Gestion libre account is suitable for both individual and business clients
  • The account is available in CHF, EUR and USD
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