Life Annuities

Life Annuities

In exchange for an initial capital payment, you become the beneficiary of a monthly lifetime pension at retirement age and enjoy significant tax benefits in the meantime.

Very flexible set-up conditions
Free choice of the beneficiary in the event of death
You can opt for the annuities to be paid for a specific period
The annuities are guaranteed

The essentials

The totally flexible solution to top up your retirement pension

You pay into the BCGE a capital sum of your choice. Based on this capital deposit, you are paid an annuity pension for the remainder of your life. The amount of the annuity pension is calculated based on the initial capital and your life expectancy. In this way the annuity meets your requirements by topping up your compulsory benefits.

An annuity gives you a tax benefit

Only 40% of the annuity is taxable. This is quite a considerable tax benefit.
Annuity choices and variants
You are free to choose the beneficiary in the event of death, assuming you have chosen the "restitution to heirs" option.
The annuity can be paid to one or two people.

Further information

Applicable law

In accordance with Art.3 of the law governing Geneva Pensions - Old-age insurance, pensions are guaranteed by the State.
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