Variable rate mortgage

Variable rate mortgage

The variable rate mortgage ensures that the rates on your loan are indexed to market conditions. When buying a property, you can take advantage of possible rate cuts.

Realise your acquisition project with quality support
The loan is optimised thanks to rates as close to the market as possible
You can transform your variable rate mortgage into a fixed rate mortgage at any time
An interest bonus on your savings thanks to the Avantage service loyalty programme

The essentials

Quality support throughout your project

Are you planning to build, buy or renovate a property? You are already a homeowner and are looking for the financing options best suited to your situation? We offer you simple, advantageous mortgage solutions that can be adapted to your needs.
The acquisition of a property requires competent advice, quality support and in-depth dialogue with a specialist. Talk to your adviser.

A dynamic property loan

Take advantage of a loan format whose interest rate is regularly adjusted. The variable rate mortgage loan guarantees that the rates on your borrowing are indexed to market conditions.

A loan for all projects

A mortgage loan for a residential property finances up to 80% (in the case of a new property) of its value. In the case of a renewal or of a mortgage being taken on from the competition, the BCGE lends up to 80% of the value of the property (calculated on the value of the collateral estimated by the bank). The whole of the mortgage is set up on the basis of one single rate.

Very interesting tax benefits

The interest on the loan can be deducted from your annual income and the capital borrowed can be deducted from your personal wealth.

BCGE Avantage service® loyalty programme

Each year, your mortgage loan earns you interest bonuses on your BCGE Epargne account thanks to the BCGE Avantage service® loyalty programme.

Receive a weather station for free

When concluding a mortgage loan with the BCGE, we will offer you a weather station for your future home. Thanks to this high-quality product, weather forecasts will hold no more secrets for you.

Further information


For current rates, please ask your adviser.


The annual charge (annuity) for granting a mortgage loan comprises:
  • interest on the mortgage loan
  • repayment of the capital borrowed

Optional services

  • Direct or indirect amortisation (Epargne 3 account or mixed life insurance)
  • Possibility of including risk cover (death/disability) with Swisscanto Safe insurance
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