Saron mortgage loan

Saron mortgage loan

The SARON mortgage loan gives you greater flexibility by allowing you to adjust the terms of your mortgage loan or even repay it every 3 months.

Very competitive short-term interest rates and the possibility to react very quickly if interest rates rise
Conversion to a variable or a fixed-rate mortgage possible every 3 months with maximum flexibility regarding repayment of the loan
Optimisation of the interest rate risk possible by splitting the loan between a short-term rate (SARON) and a medium or long-term rate (fixed interest rate from 2 to 15 years)
Transparent interest rate based on real transactions and published daily

SARON mortgage loan: a flexible mortgage for maximum optimisation of your loan

BCGE's SARON mortgage loan allows you to benefit from transparent and low interest rates. The mortgage loan is based on the SARON (Swiss Average Rate Overnight). It reflects the conditions for daily transactions in the secured CHF money market. The compounded SARON serves as the reference for the calculation of interest rates.


You can react very quickly if interest rates rise by simply telling your adviser to convert your SARON mortgage loan into a fixed-rate mortgage loan at the beginning of the next calendar quarter. The interest rate applicable on the day of your request will be applied.


You will thus optimise the interest rate risk by splitting your loan between a short-term rate (SARON) and a medium or long-term rate (fixed interest rate from 2 to 15 years).


More information

Interest rates

Variable rate

Reference interest rate

Compounded SARON®


Notification of interest rate

Two days before the end of the period (quarterly)





Minimum amount

CHF 100,000


Ordinary termination or extraordinary amortisation

One-month notice period at the end of the quarterly closing.


Conversion to fixed rate

Possible with 15 days’ notice before the quarterly due date, interest rate fixed 2 days before the due date, with no fees.


SARON calculator

The calculator provides the compounded interest rate based on SARON for all date combinations of the last 12 months (including non-business days), by calculating the daily SARON rates for the selected period: SARON calculator - Six

The end of LIBOR and the introduction of SARON