Variable-rate mortgage

Variable-rate mortgage

The BCGE variable-rate mortgage loan allows you to acquire a property and benefit from variable interest rates so that you can take advantage of any rate cuts. This mortgage will ensure that your loan rates are indexed to market conditions.

Optimisation of the loan through reductions in the general level of interest rates on the capital market
The possibility of converting the variable-rate mortgage into a fixed-rate mortgage at any time

The essentials

A dynamic property loan enabling you to benefit from lower market rates

Take advantage of a loan format whose interest rate is regularly adjusted. The variable rate mortgage loan guarantees that the rates on your borrowing are indexed to market conditions.

A loan for all projects

The mortgage loan, for a residential property, finances up to 85% (in the case of a new property) of its value. In the case of a renewal or of a mortgage being taken on from the competition, the BCGE lends up to 80% of the value of the property (calculated on the value of the collateral estimated by the bank). The whole of the mortgage is set up on the basis of one single rate.

Further information

Minimum amount

CHF 100,000


For current rates, please ask your adviser.


The annual charge resulting from granting a mortgage loan comprises:
  • interest on the loan
  • repayment of the capital borrowed
The amortisation is characterised by a constant repayment of the capital borrowed. In the case of direct amortisation, the amount of interest (and the mortgage loan debt) reduces each year.
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