Forward investments

Forward investments

The simple and profitable solution if you wish to invest your cash with the BCGE for a maximum period of 12 months and at a fixed rate.

A simple investment with a higher return than that on current accounts
Conditions defined by the money market
The assets are deposited with the BCGE
Defined period and a fixed rate for more clarity

The essentials

A fixed-term investment to meet your requirements

Based on money market conditions, you choose to invest for a period ranging from 48 hours minimum (48-hour call) to 12 months.
With the BCGE fixed-term investment, the interest is capitalised at maturity for fixed terms and quarterly for 48-hour calls.
All convertible currencies are available for fixed term investments.

Very favourable conditions

No fees or commissions are charged on a BCGE fixed term investment (except in the case of cancellation). It is subject to withholding tax (35%).

Further information


All convertible currencies


From 48 hours to 12 months

Minimum amounts

  • 48-hour call: CHF 250,000 - EUR 250,000 - USD 250,000
  • Fixed term in excess of 3 months: CHF 100,000 or equivalent
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