Quick Order

Quick Order

With Quick order, you can pay your bills simply and without delay using the payment slips provided. You fill in the Quick order and send it to us. We deal with the payment.

Extremely simple to use. Simply fill out the number of slips involved and the total amount to be paid
Transparent, per payment fee structure
The forms have to be sent to the bank which deals with everything. For you, no more waiting in the bank, no more cash to handle
Operations can be dated for payment up to 350 days after your order has been sent

The essentials

A simple and rapid solution for your manual payments

For your manual orders, nothing is simpler than a Quick order: you fill in the form indicating the number of payments to be made, the total payment amount, you sign and send it all to the bank which will process them and pay recipients on the dates requested. 
A Quick order enables you to pay all your service providers' bills. As private or savings account holders, a Quick order is what you need if your payment requirements are infrequent.

A transparent fee schedule

The fees charged are based on the number of payments on your order. So you know exactly how much you will be charged.

Information on the payments

On your monthly statement you see the detail of the Quick order operations that have been carried out. You know where you are with your payments and can justify to your service providers that they have been made.

Further information


The forms for Quick orders are available in our branches.
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