Medium-Term Notes

Medium-Term Notes

When you choose BCGE medium-term notes, you are opting for a safe investment with an attractive return.

A guaranteed secure return thanks to the fixed interest rate for the entire investment period
An attractive return, higher than that on traditional savings
You choose the maturity, depending on your needs and expectations
A steady income to help you plan your projects

The essentials

A personalised investment which is guaranteed and secure

Invest a capital sum over the medium or long term, safely and profitably. The fixed interest rate guarantees a return over the whole period. As medium-term notes are not traded on the stock exchange, they are protected from rate fluctuations.

The choice of investment depending on your needs and expectations

Medium-term notes are for a fixed period, from 2 to 10 years. So you choose the maturity of your investment to be able to draw the benefit from it when it suits you. As the returns are fixed, you know exactly how much you will earn at each maturity date.
BCGE medium-term notes are available in CHF. The minimum investment is CHF 5,000, then in tranches of CHF 1,000
The capital is only repaid at maturity.

Further information


  • Medium-term notes are available in CHF
  • Interest is paid annually

Medium-term notes as from 10.04.2024

Term Rate of return
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years
6 years
7 years
8 years
9 years
10 years
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