Would you like to change banks? Transfer your accounts to BCGE? Benefit from the expertise of a single contact person? I-Switch makes this easy for you!

Switch to a safe and stable bank easily and completely free of charge

Regroup all your banking services at BCGE free of charge
Give BCGE a mandate to transfer your accounts, cards and means of payment and we'll take care of everything!
Save time, it's easy and practical!

The essentials

With I-Switch, switching to another bank has never been easier. BCGE accompanies you every step of the way. This solution is aimed at private individuals with accounts at one or more banks in Switzerland. This service is free of charge and practical.


Further information

Choose between 2 I-Switch options

Option 1:

You draw up an inventory of the banking services you wish to transfer. Your adviser will then help you with the formalities with the other banks.


Option 2:

You give BCGE the mandate to carry out the formalities necessary for the transfer of your banking services on your behalf.


Which banking services?

  • Private and savings accounts
  • Credit/debit cards
  • Securities custody accounts
  • Pension planning products


Which transactions?

  • Payments (direct debit, standing order, eBill, etc.)
  • Incoming payments (income, repayments, etc.)
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