Bond management

Bond management

Capital preservation

A selection of high-quality securities
Controlled risk
Diversified portfolios

The essentials

BCGE Asset management has been offering active and quantitative bond management since 1996.


The primary objective is to preserve the capital invested and not necessarily to seek performance or even outperformance in this asset class.


Our investments are highly diversified and we only invest in investment grade securities with extremely low default risk. Depending on interest rate levels, we pay particular attention to the associated risk.


We consider securitised real estate to be an integral part of the fixed income asset class. We can also offer solutions in this specific segment.


Where appropriate, ESG criteria are also integrated into the analysis.


Short-term bond management

As an alternative to the money market, which has fallen largely into negative territory, BCGE Asset Management has also been offering short-term bond management solutions since 2015.


The objective of these solutions, available in USD, EUR and CHF, is to offer well-diversified portfolios, made up of high-quality international issuers. These come exclusively from the investment grade universe and have very low interest rate and default risk.


The goal is a regular return in the reference currency.