Active equity management

Active equity management

Access to the real economy

Portfolios based on conviction
Proven experience
Efficient and disciplined management

BCGE Asset Management has been actively managing Swiss small, mid and large cap equities since 2003 and US equities since 2016.


Portfolio construction is based on a dual approach: on the one hand, an analysis of the global macroeconomic environment enables us to define an allocation to the various market segments; on the other hand, a fundamental analysis of companies enables us to determine their intrinsic value.


The combination of these two approaches, top-down and bottom-up, results in the creation of portfolios based on strong convictions, that are highly concentrated, solid and of high quality. Our approach can be described as “quality growth”.


Where appropriate, ESG criteria are also integrated into the analysis.


Since 2014, BCGE has also been offering various thematic approaches to equity management, such as building portfolios focused on companies offering high and sustainable dividends or directly involved in the New Silk Road project.