Asset Allocation Management

Asset allocation management

A wide range of investment strategies

A strategy adapted to each risk profile
An investment with broad diversification
An open architecture

BCGE Asset Management has been providing asset allocation management services to private, corporate and institutional clients since 1996.


BCGE offers a wide range of investment strategies in the form of management mandates or investment funds, from very defensive (overweighting bonds) to very aggressive (overweighting equities) approaches.


Portfolios are constructed using proven, high-performance methods and approaches, such as:

  • risk budgeting with strict adherence
  • open architecture (multi-management)
  • core-satellite approach to specific strategies
  • very broad diversification.


Investments are made exclusively in three asset classes: equities, bonds and liquid assets. In certain cases, other asset classes may be added to the tailor-made mandates.


Where appropriate, ESG criteria are incorporated.