BCGE's digital safe, e-Safe by BCGE, allows you to store all types of electronic documents in a secure environment.

The digital safe is free and included in your Netbanking
Unlimited storage in duration and volume
Optimum security for your documents

The Essentials


Your e-Safe is accessible from your Online Solutions like your Netbanking


Your important documents are accessible anywhere and anytime


Only the Netbanking contract holder has access to the documents


With e-Safe, you benefit from the guarantee of a secure space for documents archived in Switzerland and strong authentication


Both in terms of volume and duration

As soon as your e-Safe is created, your BCGE electronic documents can be securely stored.

Further information

With e-Safe you can keep your documents in a safe place and benefit from the following features:

File your documents

e-Safe allows you to group all your administrative and commercial documents in a single place: invoices, account statements, employment contracts, insurance policies, identity documents, birth certificates and holiday photos.To make it easier to consult your documents, you can organise your documents as you wish, by creating and renaming as many folders as you need.

Consult your documents at any time

The documents you have filed in your e-Safe are accessible at any time. You have one entry point for your e-banking access and your document archiving with the same username and password as your e-banking.

Share your documents

You can share the documents or files of your choice with your family and friends who also have an e-Safe.

Procedure to activate e-Safe

Log in to your Netbanking; a new "e-Safe" tab will be displayed. Click on this tab and let yourself be guided. You can now access your e-Safe.


e-Safe is a digital safe deposit box This is the Docsafe solution from Swisscom, adapted for BCGE, which allows you to have access to several functions:

  • You can save and manage personal documents and notes. Your BCGE documents will also be stored in this digital safe deposit box.
  • If you wish, you can also share documents with other e-Safe or Docsafe users.
  • It is also possible to register with companies in order to receive their documents directly, such as invoices, statements, etc.
e-Safe allows you to easily store data in a secure space.
Currently, e-Safe is a free service with unlimited document storage. BCGE reserves the right to modify the content and conditions of use of e-Safe at any time, depending on the evolution of the product. For more information, you can consult our conditions of use clicking here.
Currently, e-Safe is a service with unlimited document storage. However, the uploaded documents must not exceed 20 MB.
You can store any type of document in e-Safe (pdf, jpg, txt, etc.).

Access is exclusively via the Online Solutions (Netbanking). Therefore, the stored documents are strictly confidential and can only be consulted by you. If you wish, you can also share documents with other e-Safe or Docsafe users.

In addition, your data will stored in encrypted form on servers in Switzerland.

Your data is stored by Swisscom on servers in Switzerland.

The creation of an e-Safe digital safe deposit box is open to individuals with BCGE banking services and a BCGE Netbanking contract. An Internet connection and an up-to-date browser are required to access e-Safe.

The storage space is linked to your Netbanking contract. Only the user of the access can use the corresponding e-Safe.

Access to e-Safe is exclusively via Online Solutions. It is therefore necessary to have a BCGE Netbanking contract.
As soon as you have logged into your Online Solutions (Netbanking), click on the "e-Safe" tab, enter your name, first name and accept the conditions of use. Then click on "Create an e-Safe".

You can share folders with other e-Safe or Docsafe users (Swisscom).

To enable other users to access your e-Safe, they must provide you with their Docsafe ID. You must then enter this ID in the "Persons" menu. You can then specify which access rights the respective persons should have.

BCGE recommends that you do not have a single storage space, but that you keep your data in at least two different storage systems.

Your e-documents generated in Netbanking are automatically stored in the "BCGE" folder. You have an unlimited period of time to store your e-documents. You can also stop automatic filing at any time by contacting the Netbanking hotline.

For the time being, it is not possible to access e-Safe via Mobile Netbanking. Access must be via Online Solutions (Netbanking).
The conditions of use are available by clicking here (only in French).
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