Epargne 3 account

Epargne 3 account

With the Epargne 3, you can accumulate capital allowing you to maintain your standard of living in retirement. Benefit from the substantial and immediate tax advantages granted to a 3rd pillar*.

The solution for anticipating and maintaining your standard of living in retirement
Amounts paid into your Epargne 3 account can be deducted from your taxable income
An attractive interest rate and a higher return with the pension fund savings plan
An additional interest rate on your savings thanks to the Avantage Service loyalty programme

The essentials

An innovative concept tailored to your personal situation

BCGE Praevisio® is based on an analysis of your personal situation and offers expert advice on securing your financial independence from the time you retire.
The Epargne 3 account is the first step in this innovative and comprehensive process.

Prepare for your retirement by building up Epargne 3 capital

The benefits from the 1st and 2nd pillars are generally not enough to maintain your standard of living once you retire. The Epargne 3 account allows you to build up additional capital, while benefiting from the tax advantages linked to a 3rd pillar*.

The Pension Fund Savings Plan for higher performance

With the Pension fund savings plan, you can invest all or part of your assets in the umbrella investment funds Synchrony LPP Funds to benefit from additional long-term return prospects and higher performance.

Clear tax advantages

The annual amount paid into your Epargne 3 account is deductible from your taxable income.
The Epargne 3 account is exempt from tax (wealth tax, income tax and withholding tax on interest) during the capital accumulation period. A one-off tax payment is due when the credit balance is paid out, but this is quite favourable compared to the savings made.

Make your plans a reality with Epargne 3

You can withdraw funds from an Epargne 3 account to finance your own home or repay your mortgage.
Indirect amortisation of the mortgage is also extremely interesting from a tax point of view.  The amortisation amount is not paid directly to the bank, but saved in the Epargne 3 account. This means that you not only benefit from the tax advantages of an Epargne 3 retirement savings account, but you can also deduct the mortgage debt from your income and assets.
You can also withdraw the funds from your Epargne 3 account to set up your own business. Once you are self-employed, you can pay into the 3rd pillar again to ensure your retirement provision.

Avantage service loyalty programme

Your Epargne 3 account can earn you interest bonuses on your BCGE Epargne account thanks to the Avantage service loyalty programme

* In accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance of 13 November 1985 on tax deductions for contributions paid to recognised forms of pension provision (OPP 3).

Further information

An account for employees and the self-employed

The Epargne 3 account is intended for employees and self-employed persons between the ages of 18 and the regular AVS retirement age who are subject to income tax. The Epargne 3 account remains available to employees and self-employed persons who continue to work up to the age of 70.

Maximum payment amounts

The payments authorised by law in 2024 are as follows:

  • for persons affiliated to a pension fund: maximum CHF 7,056 per year
  • for persons not affiliated to a pension fund: 20% of income, but a maximum of CHF 35,280 per year

Withdrawal conditions

Assets deposited in an Epargne 3 account can be withdrawn under the following conditions:

  • You have reached the normal AVS retirement age or 5 years earlier at the earliest
  • You become self-employed or change your self-employed activity (only in the first year)
  • You leave Switzerland permanently (for non-residents, when you cease all gainful activity in Switzerland)
  • You are receiving a full pension from the federal disability insurance (AI)
  • You would like to finance your main residence
  • You would like to amortise a mortgage debt linked to your main residence

Special conditions linked to Epargne 3

In the event of death, your capital is protected and paid to the beneficiaries in accordance with the regulations; it does not form part of the estate.
Epargne 3 assets cannot be seized as long as they remain invested within the framework of the 3rd pillar scheme

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