BCGE Cheques

BCGE Cheques

Paying with a BCGE cheque is a good approach when you do not know the beneficiary's bank or post office details.

A BCGE cheque can be requested very simply in our branches
A BCGE cheque can be denominated in the currency required
A BCGE cheque can be sent to a branch, to the payer, to the final beneficiary or to any other third party, depending on the instructions

The essentials

The BCGE cheque, an alternative for one-off payments

You need to send a payment to a beneficiary whose bank or post office details you do not know. Or your beneficiary does not have a bank or post office account. Just ask for a BCGE cheque to be issued.

Cheque delivery made easy

When you order your BCGE cheque, you state where it is to be sent: it can be collected in the branch, sent to your address as the payer, or directly to the beneficiary or even to a third party.

Service and security

A BCGE cheque can be denominated in the currency of your choice. The corresponding value of the BCGE cheque is debited directly to your account.

Further information


BCGE cheque request forms are available in our branches
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