Image campaign

The Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE) launched during its bicentennial year in 2016 a new institutional communication campaign.

Image campaign

This image campaign, which can be seen in the medias and is displayed in the BCGE's branches and agencies, is also being communicated internationally via digital and print media channels. Using a sober yet luminous communication approach, the oldest of all the Swiss cantonal banks is, in this way, making reference to Switzerland's timeless and radiating values.

Cominmag article (French only)

The prize for the Best Ad (Le Meilleur de la Pub 2016) awarded to the BCGE image campaign photographer

From a product advertising take to an “institutional” identity message

In recent years, the BCGE has opted for advertising campaigns focused to a large extent on its products, services and competitive advantages by shaping its image with a largely Geneva-based clientele, mainly through its branch network.

From the regional "people's bank" DNA to international financial expertise

Initially focused mainly on business and private client lending, the BCGE has broadened its traditional range of business offers to encompass functions calling for a high degree of expertise (private banking, trade finance, correspondent banking, etc.). It has gradually set up bank entities outside its home-based canton (Lausanne, Zurich, Basel, Lyon, Paris, Annecy, Dubai, Hong Kong) in order to implement its business strategies. The product and client proximity-based promotional model is no longer sufficient; the bank now needs repositioning in relation to a more international clientele and to change people's traditional perception of both the bank itself and the BCGE brand label.

Deep-rooted traditional Swiss values

The BCGE's institutional advertising campaign falls within this framework, putting the emphasis on what makes up its DNA, namely its values, its expertise and its Swiss bank authenticity. Hence, in a sober fashion, it portrays traditional Swiss sports (wrestling, Hornussen, stone-putting, ski mountaineering) with the help of real athletes, photographed on genuine sites (the Engstlen and Grimsel lakes and the Tramelan district in the Canton of Bern) performing their sporting discipline. A discipline which, like a banking institution, is subject to strict rules, to sharing proven convictions and to applying distinctive methodological choices.

Discipline as the backdrop

The concept of discipline, present in sport as it is in financial and transactional management, leads on to stability, performance, confidence and achievement. The BCGE stands out through these various facets which can be seen on its four flagship visuals in the institutional image campaign :

  • Stability, first of all, as reflected in its longevity (200 years) and its resistance despite all the periods of financial turmoil. Maintaining its good rating also serves to demonstrate its solidity
  • Performance, as the bank has developed, continues to be delivered, as evidenced by its growing results (total balance sheet, net profit, assets under management and administration, share price, number of shareholders)
  • Confidence, earned thanks to transparent strategy, regular information, secure transactions, open and participative management (stock exchange listing) and close relations with its clients and stakeholders
  • Achievement thanks to a cautious risk policy and a commitment focussing on quality alone (shareholders' equity strengthened, in-house investment philosophy)

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