Avantage service loyalty programme

Avantage service loyalty programme

With Avantage service you have access to a programme that recognises you as one of our best clients. This is the best way for us to thank you for your loyalty.

Avantage service gives you up to 2% additional interest bonus on your savings
A return on your BCGE Epargne account significantly above that of the market
A bonus is automatically paid in cash into your account at the end of the year
A programme that promotes quality services that support the build-up of your wealth

Your loyalty rewarded in a tangible way

Earn up to 2% extra interest bonus on your BCGE Epargne account thanks to the Avantage service loyalty programme. To take advantage of it, you simply need to have a BCGE Epargne account. Each of the following criteria entitles you to 0.5% additional interest on your BCGE Epargne account : * In case of a net contribution only, the bonus that is granted equals 0.25% 
** The following funds are eligible :

Equity fund :

  • Synchrony (CH) World Equity (CHF) - Security number: 4263004

Asset allocation fund :

  • Synchrony (CH) Defensive (CHF) - Security number: 1822141
  • Synchrony (CH) Balanced (CHF) - Security number: 277239
  • Synchrony (CH) Balanced (EUR) - Security number: 2482999
  • Synchrony (CH) Dynamic (CHF) - Security number: 4262988
  • Synchrony (CH) Guardian (CHF) - Security number: 39875014
The bonuses are independent of each other. The interest is automatically credited directly to your BCGE Epargne account at the end of the year.


Recommend the Avantage service programme to your family and friends. You will receive an additional bonus according to the number of people who join Avantage Service through your referral :
You sponsor You earn *
from 1 to 5 partners
+10% of your Avantage service premium
more than 5 partners
+20% of your Avantage service premium
Ask your adviser for your sponsoring number and pass it on to your acquaintances when they open their relationship with BCGE.

"Newborn baby" offer

Offer an Epargne Jeunesse account in CHF to your child or grandchild (up to the age of 2) to secure their financial future and we will help you do so with an additional CHF 50 when you open the account.


Avantage service loyalty programme is subject to regulations. The regulations are available via this link or from your adviser.
* Conditions: refer to the Avantage service regulations
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