Optimising the financing of your commercial or industrial real estate

Whether you want to borrow funds to build, renovate or acquire property to use as office, artisan or industrial space, we have the right solution for you.

Entrepreneurs need to react quickly to changes in the economic environment in order to maintain their competitive edge. Depending upon your commercial or production strategy, you may be looking to expand your commercial, artisan or industrial space, or even to renovate certain areas. This includes adapting infrastructure, especially given today’s energy transition. Such investments can increase company value and often come with tax breaks or subsidies.

These are long-term projects. They require appropriate financing options and controlled management of the risks specific to the property sector. There is no standard solution for financing such projects, be they for the purchase of an exhibition hall, the construction of an extension or the renovation of a building. That's why it’s vital you speak with a financial architect who's familiar with the intricacies of the project at hand.

Knowledge of the local economic fabric

The key to success: getting advice from an expert with a thorough knowledge of the regional market and relevant standards1.

From standard loans to tailor-made financing

A wide range of loans is available to company directors: construction loans; fixed advances; fixed-rate, variable-rate and SARON mortgages; as well as specific mortgages for energy renovations.

The latter meet the requirements of contractors aiming for the highest energy efficiency standards. Our customised, structured mortgage solutions offer qualified clients the opportunity to optimise financing linked to one or more financial market hedging instruments.

From a comprehensive analysis to a concrete offer

Property financing experts will first carry out an in-depth analysis of your investment project. They will then examine your financial plan and energy balance sheet to determine the most suitable financial structure for your project.

Here, the financial plan must be as carefully thought out as the architect's plan.

The Banque Cantonale de Genève is happy to help entrepreneurs like you finance their professional property projects in Switzerland.

1See the brochure "Financement de l’immobilier, la doctrine d’engagement de la BCGE”, which can be downloaded from bcge.ch/fr/doctrine-du-financement-de-l-immobilier-fr (French only).