Business vehicle leasing: flexible mobility management

Meeting the specific needs of companies for transport equipment while protecting their cash flow.

If you want to move around in a new, safe commercial vehicle, pay lower monthly instalments than a conventional loan and have no worries about reselling the vehicle in the future, then leasing a business vehicle is the perfect option. The Banque Cantonale de Genève's leasing offer is specifically aimed at companies and self-employed persons operating in Switzerland and has numerous advantages.

Free choice of vehicle and brand 

Leasing is possible for a wide range of vehicles (utility vehicles, executive cars, passenger cars, scooters, motorbikes, electric bicycles, etc.) as well as brands that the client can choose himself. There is also no application fee and no deposit. In addition, the client receives the invoice directly, guaranteeing complete transparency on the residual value. And last but not least, in order to support efforts towards more environmentally friendly mobility, the bank grants a preferential rate on the purchase of a vehicle classified as eco-friendly by the cantonal regulations.

Quick approval and optional down payment

Similar to renting, leasing preserves the company's cash resources and thus increases its financial flexibility, not to mention tax-deductible monthly payments with VAT recovery. Self-employed persons and company directors who opt for leasing benefit from a quick decision and rapid processing.

Flexible and affordable

Leasing is available from CHF 2,500 with a duration of 6 to 60 months. The lessee must take out comprehensive insurance with an insurer of his choice for the entire duration of the contract. It is also possible to obtain a full-service leasing, i.e. a monthly payment that includes all the chosen services related to the vehicle(s): insurance, fuel, routine maintenance, etc.

A simulator available at allows you to calculate the monthly instalments and the total cost of a leasing directly online. We recommend that you talk to a BCGE client adviser to ensure that your instalment payments are optimally aligned with your cash resources.