Skillful financial risk management to build business resilience

Debt management, derivative transactions and other more complex financial issues: being accompanied by a financial engineering specialist enables you to analyse the options available and make the best choices.

Skillful financial risk management to build business resilience
Entrepreneurs, property investors and financial directors of public authorities conduct a debt management policy that makes it possible to control the risks incurred while improving its longterm impact. Professional assistance in order to optimise the financing of your debt portfolio in the current monetary environment, while seizing market opportunities, is one avenue worth exploring.

Expert advice in financial engineering

Financial engineering, a multidisciplinary approach combining corporate and market finance, consists of providing analytical and operational expertise to decision-makers. The BCGE Corporate Advisory Unit develops tailor-made solutions to precisely meet the needs of private companies and public institutions. Specialising in financial engineering, it supports business leaders in optimising their financial management.

Based on an initial diagnosis of financial commitments, the company is the subject of an advanced analysis of the impacts of various possible scenarios, necessary for the identification and quantification of financial risks. Thus, managers have access to proposals for restructuring the debt portfolio or even specific arrangements, which exploit the possibilities offered by the economic environment, in line with their objectives.

Debt optimisation strategy

For the management of balance sheet liabilities, opting for tailor-made financing solutions allows the borrower to benefit from an advantageous interest rate thanks to the use of hedging instruments, such as options or swaps. These arrangements, structured according to the opportunities of the monetary environment, make it possible to take advantage of a possible positive liquidation value in the event of early termination, depending on market conditions.

Tailor-made support

Be it for classic operations, operations requiring a high degree of sophistication in connection with an investment, a refinancing or even a restructuring project, the specialists of the BCGE Corporate Advisory Unit provide entrepreneurs and investors with their know-how and skills stemming from a proven entrepreneurial culture