SEPA Payment

SEPA Payment

With the SEPA system, your payments to other European countries are as simple as within Switzerland itself.

Operations within the Euro zone are as simple as payments in Switzerland
Very attractive rates compared with standard operations
Uniform system, no matter which European country is involved
Fast turnaround time (3 days maximum)

Your payments within Europe: rapid and economical


Your payments on our Netbanking platform will be SEPA-processed provided they comply with the following standards:
  • Use of the function «International bank payment» in the menu «Payment transactions» and «Enter payments»
  • Recipient countries: member states as per the list below 
  • Currency: EUR 
  • Beneficiary’s IBAN number specified (International Bank Account Number) 
  • BIC code (Bank Identifier Code or SWIFT address) of the beneficiary’s bank specified 
  • Cost option: only “Shared costs” (SHA)
  • No instruction from BCGE

To receive a payment transfer from a SEPA-zone country

  • For in coming transfers from abroad to be credited to your account, give the issuer of the payment order your IBAN number and the Swift/BIC code 

IBAN code

Your IBAN number appears on your bank statements. 

Swift/BIC code

The BIC (Bank Identifier Code or SWIFT address) is an additional identification code. Each branch of a bank has its own code.

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