Scanning tools

Scanning tools

To process payment slips and the new QR-bills that will be introduced on 30 June 2020, BCGE will make the following scanning tools available to Netbanking users: PayEye, Giromat G400 and Easy BVR/QR-bill.

These tools read the coding line (reference) of orange payment slips and the QR-code of the new QR-bills.
PayEye and Giromat G400 are available to BCGE clients at a preferential rate. They directly transfer the coded data into the Netbanking payment mask or into the accounting software. Thus, users no longer have to enter the data manually.
The Easy BVR/QR-bill feature is also available via the BCGE Mobile Netbanking app. It allows you to transcribe the data of a beneficiary by simply scanning the coding line of the payment slip or the Swiss QR-code of the new QR-bills.


The typing of long series of numbers into your Netbanking or your financial software is time-consuming and can easily lead to errors.
PayEye, the successor to PayPen, takes care of this for you. The coding line of the payment slip or the QR-bill is transferred to your Netbanking or your accounting software with a simple swipe—quick, simple and error-free.
PayEye is already able to read and transfer QR-bills, which will eventually replace the orange payment slips.
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Giromat G400 is capable of scanning up to 15 documents per minute on both sides and in high-resolution. Thanks to the linear automatic transcription, you do not need to separate the payment slips for each payment. The device is compatible with more than 250 banking software programmes and applications and can be used with both Windows and Mac OS X.
With the Giromat G400 you are ready for the future and will be able to process not only orange and red payment slips, but QR-bills as well.
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