Invest online to optimise your surplus cash

A securities portfolio is an option worth considering if your company is looking to manage its surplus cash. This secure, simple and cost-effective tool will benefit even experienced entrepreneurs.

Company directors and CFOs who would like to optimise their investments rather than let their excess liquidity lie idle can use BCGE’s 1816 online trading platform to do so. This platform enables private investors, corporate clients and anyone who is self-employed to manage their stock market investments independently and without an intermediary.

Used by more than 11,000 investors

Companies can boost liquidity reserves by wisely investing them through a range of traditional options such as cash accounts, cash management solutions and term deposits. But what alternatives do entrepreneurs have to make a profit on medium or long-term investments of surplus cash? Building up a portfolio of securities is one option. Nearly 20% of Geneva-based companies already hold a custody account that they manage in-house to generate cost-saving profits with their investments. In so doing, they can take advantage of investments in shares of listed companies, in bonds or in other investment vehicles that are available online.

1816: four digits for a simple and cost-effective solution

Accessible through BCGE’s Netbanking and Mobile Netbanking, 1816 is a practical and advantageous online trading platform for anyone looking to achieve capital gains or regular returns. It is the optimal tool for taking control of your investments, making it possible for you to manage your stock market orders on your own, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The advantages? It’s easy to use and provides for speedy execution while enabling users to manage their stock market transactions with more autonomy at competitive rates. Not to mention it comes with free, immediate and continual access to financial information in French, English and German.

Invest online with a secure bank

At BCGE, we recommend waiting until you’ve secured your reserves to invest excess liquidity. This means leaving aside the funds necessary for running your business and taking into consideration the time and risk of each stock market investment. To execute a securities transaction, all you have to do is activate the platform free of charge. BCGE’s advisers are available to support business leaders like you in this process and to answer any questions you may have about optimising liquidity, whether you are self-employed, an SME, or a large company.