Pensions Advisory and Financial Planning Unit

Pensions Advisory and Financial Planning Unit

Your life is marked by important events, sometimes unforeseen, that have a direct or indirect impact on your financial situation. The latter inevitably raise questions about sometimes complex issues to which precise answers must be provided.

The essentials

BCGE offers you the BCGE Praevisio concept. It is based on a thorough analysis of your personal situation and, if necessary, a selection of the best pension products on the market in complete Independence.

What is financial planning?

A financial plan consists of taking stock of your overall financial situation and estimating its probable evolution in the medium and long term. It takes into account several key subjects:

Further information

Retirement involves both financial and emotional upheaval. This delicate transition must therefore be well planned. In addition, the Swiss pension system offers not only pension insurance, but also insurance against financial losses in the event of death or disability (illness or accident).

Many decisions have tax implications. The better you know them, the better you can optimise your tax situation.

Our mission is to develop tailor-made solutions for the creation, growth and protection of your assets. This objective must be achieved by including all assets, such as account and pension balances, financial investments, real estate and insurance.

It is essential to organise the transfer of one's assets in order to ensure that the allocation takes place according to one's own wishes and without disputes within the family.

As an employee, we automatically adhere to the pension system set up by the employer. However, the proposed solutions vary greatly from one company to another. Because of these differences, employees with a comparable salary do not all receive the same benefits in the event of death, disability or retirement.

If you become your own boss, the 2nd pillar pension plan is optional. You are therefore responsible for protecting yourself against risks that could jeopardise your income and assets.

What is our advisory approach?


Some of the subjects often discussed:

  • Effective cost of mortgage debt
  • Buying into the pension fund
  • Marginal tax rate
  • Benefits in the event of succession
  • Financial consequences of a divorce

Analysis of all types of insurance and pension benefits (3-pillar system) for temporary incapacity for work, disability, death and retirement. This analysis is all the more important in the case of home ownership.

Solutions are then proposed to fill any gaps while optimising taxation.

We accompany you throughout the entire process, from the creation of an optimal strategy to the selection of the best products available on the market. Thanks to our "open architecture" philosophy, we are able to find the right solutions for you, so that you have more time for other important things.
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