Current account credit facility

Current account credit facility

With a BCGE Entreprises current account credit facility, you have access to the liquidity needed to manage your business, up to a maximum pre-defined amount.

Interest is only paid on the amount used within the credit limit
An option that can be used at any time without having to give notice
A preferential interest rate is available if collateral is provided

The essentials

A solution for your working capital requirements

Your one-off borrowing needs are covered thanks to a credit limit on your account. It can be used at any time without having to give notice, which means that interest is only paid on the amount of the facility actually used. 

Further information

Minimum amount

CHF 150,000


Unlimited, renewable each year


May or may not entail backing by collateral (securities)

Borrowing rate

Variable; the interest rate is determined on a case by case basis, depending mainly on market conditions and examination of the application.

Overdraft rate

9.5 %

Quarterly commission

¼% per quarter, calculated on the highest debit balance during this period, for credit limits in CHF.

Handling fees

1‰, with a minimum of CHF 300


Other currencies: on request



Closing statement

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