Loan guarantee(s) / FAE

Loan guarantee(s) / FAE

Financing granted by a surety institution for the creation or development of a business in Geneva.

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In accordance with its mission, the Fondation d'Aide aux Entreprises (FAE) intervenes in a subsidiary capacity to facilitate access to financing for viable companies based in the canton of Geneva. The objective, beyond solving strictly financial problems, is to promote the development of Geneva's SMEs by giving priority to maintaining a strong and diversified economy that provides jobs.
The FAE is also the Geneva cantonal branch of Cautionnement Romand.

Cautionnement Romand was founded in 2007 on the basis of the federal law on financial aid to surety institutions in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises. Within this framework, FAE shares the risk on loan guarantees up to CHF 1 million with Cautionnement Romand (itself guaranteed by the Swiss Confederation).

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