Deposit account

Deposit account

This account is used for the deposit of capital when setting up your company or when increasing the capital of your company (public limited company, limited partnership, limited liability).

A simple and rapid answer complying with legal requirements
An essential account when creating a business
Once the account is open, your funds are available

The essentials

The capital payment account: essential for covering your capital requirements

This account is used for the deposit of capital when founding a company or for increasing the capital. Available for public limited companies, limited partnerships and limited liability companies.

The capital payment procedure

Once the account is open and the funds have been paid in, you receive confirmation that the capital has been deposited. This confirmation is required by the administrative authorities. Once the company is founded or the capital increased, the capital payment account is closed and the balance can be transferred to a BCGE Entreprises account.

Further information


  • No remuneration
  • CHF only
  • Charges paid in EUR and USD: on request
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