BCGE paying-in card

BCGE paying-in card

The BCGE paying-in card simplifies the management of your cash deposits in BCGE ATMs. The card is aimed at private clients and businesses (traders) alike.

Cash deposits can be in CHF (notes and coins) or in EUR
No commission is charged on paying-in operations
No PIN code is necessary

The first card is free of charge

The essentials

The practical card for traders and private clients

The BCGE paying-in card is ideal for making cash deposits which are immediately credited to your account. It is primarily aimed at traders and professional clients for paying in the day's takings. Private clients can use it to pay cash into their savings account.
Amounts paid in can be in CHF (notes or coins) or in EUR (notes only) using BCGE ATMs designed for this purpose. 
For operations in EUR, a very preferential rate is applied.

Security for your ATM transactions

The BCGE paying-in card works without a PIN code. The card has no withdrawal, account balance or transaction consultation facility. You can entrust the card to a member of staff to pay in your business's takings in total security.

Further information


  • No annual subscription
  • The first BCGE paying-in card is free
  • Additional cards are supplied at a very reasonable cost
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