Fixed advance

Fixed advance

To finance your medium-term business investments, opt for a fixed advance.

The medium-term investment financing solution
A pace of repayment to suit your business needs
Interest rate determined on an individual basis
The fixed advance is available in CHF, EUR, USD and other major common currencies

The essentials

The fixed advance meets your medium-term investment financing requirements

The fixed advance is the solution offering you maximum flexibility. Minimum amount CHF 150,000 or currency equivalent. The period is fixed upfront, from 2 to 7 years. The interest rate is defined on a case by case basis, after an analysis of the application and based on the overall bank-customer relationship. The repayment schedule is negotiated with your advisor, depending on the term of the advance.

Very favourable conditions

The fixed advance attracts no fees or commission.

Further information


  • CHF, EUR and USD
  • Other common currencies: on request


2 to 7 years

Minimum amount

CHF 150,000 or equivalent
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