Annual report 2021

BCGE's 2021 annual report is available in electronic format. Shareholders may review a hard copy of the Annual Report at the Bank's head office prior to the Annual General Meeting on 3 May 2022.


  • Shareholder information: corporate governance.
  • Risk management: evolution of corporate governance and increased risk control.
  • Notes to the financial statements: record net profit and dividend.
  • 2021 consolidated financial statements and notes of the BCGE Group.
  • 2021 financial statements and notes of the parent company.
  • Stock market price: the BCGE share price is gradually being adjusted to its intrinsic value.
  • Proposed appropriation of available earnings: dividend of CHF 4.50/share


But also:

  • 2021, a challenging year at the service of the Geneva economy: message from Manuel Leuthold, Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • 2021, a very successful year: message from Blaise Goetschin, Chairman of the Executive Board.
  • Geographical organisation: an international presence in 31 locations.
  • Local presence: BCGE is firmly rooted in Geneva's communities and neighbourhoods.
  • Digital banking: a secure and resource-efficient access to BCGE's digital platforms.
  • Business model: organisation by strategic activities, tailor-made banking and financial solutions, a response adapted to each market segment.
  • A solid corporate culture: respect at the heart of the relationship with clients, a motivating public interest mission, a responsible company.
  • Commitment and performance: BCGE sponsors top-level Swiss athletes as ambassadors of the Bank.


You can also find out more about BCGE's Ethical and Environmental Responsibility Policy, which describes how corporate social responsibility is integrated into BCGE's business activities, in the management of its direct environmental impact and in its relations with its stakeholders.


The annual report provides a comprehensive overview of the bank's performance and development, from major projects to governance and other policies, including ethical and environmental issues. To find out more, download the 2021 annual report.