Minergie® Mortgage

The mortgage loan for Minergie® property enables you to buy, build or renovate a property while reducing your energy costs.

Optimising your comfort while respecting the environment
An offer which concerns all types of mortgage
The added value generated by the Minergie® standard is financed by the BCGE

The essentials

The Minergie® standard

Minergie® is a label of quality intended for new or renovated buildings which respect certain criteria (air-tight construction, thick thermal insulation and a good ventilation system) to limit their environmental impact and ensure minimum energy consumption. The Minergie® label is a "green" option which enables you to optimise your comfort while respecting the environment at the same time. 
The Minergie® Association (AMI) is mutually supported by the Swiss Confederation, the cantons and private trade and industry.

The BCGE offer

The BCGE finances 100% of the additional investment incurred in obtaining the Minergie® standard (on a maximum 10% of the construction cost, excluding the cost of the land) for all types of property. Hence, you have no additional funds to contribute.

Applies to all types of mortgage

Whether you have opted for a fixed, variable or SARON-rate mortgage, you can benefit from the Minergie offer. You help conserve the environment while safeguarding your investment.

Further information


For all types of property: residential, commercial or small-scale production premises, as long as the property being financed has received the official Minergie® label.


Mortgage rates for a Minergie® property are available as fixed, variable or SARON rates.
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