Cantonal Banks named “Knights of the Children and the Young”

The Children’s Foundation in Switzerland has awarded the title of “Knights of the Children and the Young” to the 24 Cantonal Banks in recognition of their commitment to the Foundation and the needs of young people.

“We often see that many socially disadvantaged families find it difficult to manage their finances. We therefore appreciate the commitment of the Cantonal Banks with regard to the financial education of children and young people,” says Romeo Maggi.


The foundation’s aim is to empower disadvantaged children and young people in Switzerland so that they can build strong social relationships and better tackle the challenges of life.


The foundation awards the title of “Knights of the Children and the Young” to companies, organisations and individuals helping to provide assistance to young people in need.


The Cantonal Banks have been actively promoting the financial literacy of young people for several years now. Their commitment is centred on the FinanceMission Association, which was founded in collaboration with the teachers’ federations of German- and French-speaking Switzerland. The Association provides exciting and innovative teaching and learning material that covers all the competencies set out in the curricula for basic financial education at secondary level.


In addition, the Cantonal Banks have developed the online guide, which provides parents with tips and advice on how to help their children become financially independent.


“Understanding how to manage money is essential. Drawing up a budget, setting priorities for spending and saving money are not skills that come naturally: they need to be learned. It is important to help young people achieve this,” explains Hanspeter Hess, Director of the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks.