Focus on young people

BCGE congratulates all its BEM trainees for obtaining their banking skills certificate (Junior Banking program for Matura Holders, Bankeinstieg für Mittelschulabsolventen).

The BEM training is offered by several Swiss banks to young high school graduates who are interested in the banking sector. The course combines theory and practice which is an excellent basis for starting its career in the banking sector.

The 18-month training course, which is provided by the training provider CYP (Challenge your potential), begins in the spring or autumn. It is completed by passing written exams, an on-the-job assessment and an oral exam in the form of a counselling interview. At the end of the course, students receive the BEM certificate, a banking skills certificate, issued by the CYP centre of excellence and the Swiss Bankers Association (ASB).

Holders of this certificate are distinguished by their entrepreneurial thinking and action, their maturity and commitment, and their careful management of resources. Upon completion of their training, the young graduates have the opportunity to join the School of Banking and Finance (SBF) or a University of Applied Sciences leading to a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (with a possible specialisation in Banking and Finance).

To date, BCGE has recruited seven BEM graduates for various teams. A successful career awaits the young talents of BCGE.