Financing your investment and working capital needs

A business loan is an ideal solution for SMEs, the self-employed or independent professionals to help them finance their day-to-day business or buy equipment.

A simple procedure

Quickly finding a loan for one’s company is not always that easy. This is why BCGE has created the BCGE Business loan. Entrepreneurs can apply online and submit their application whenever they want, even after business hours, giving them greater flexibility in their day-to-day work.


Clearly defined criteria

Companies and independent professionals only need to prove that they have been in business for at least a year and provide their balance sheet as well as their profit and loss account. Term and interest rates of the business loan are fixed for three to five years. The loan is quickly set up and requires no additional administrative work.


The loan amount ranges from CHF 20,000 to CHF 150,000 and can be used to finance investments such as technical equipment, vehicles or installations or to fund working capital needs such as stocks or receivables.


Tangible benefits

Due to the simplified contractual requirements, the decision process for granting a business loan is quick and efficient.


The interest rate1 for online applications ranges from 3.50% for three-year loans to 3.70% for five-year loans, with no quarterly fees. The rate is fixed until the end of the term to facilitate the management of your budget.



 The business loan can either be repaid at maturity or amortised on a quarterly basis over the duration of the loan. Generally, the period of amortisation should match the useful life of the bought asset. Thus, a machine with a service life of five years should be amortised over the same period. A combination of different types of amortisation is also possible, allowing for greater flexibility in the repayment of the debt.


The business loan complements the range of conventional loans made available to businesses. Its specific features make it a flexible and efficient tool to finance the development of SMEs in a quick and simple way.


1Current interest rate, subject to change.