The summer 2021 issue of Dialogue, BCGE's magazine, is now available.

Dialogue is published by the Banque Cantonale de Genève and provides an insight into the Bank's commitments and activities.


The magazine is intended for individuals, companies, SMEs or multinationals, as well as institutional investors.

It offers in-depth articles shedding light on selected topics, as well as subjects that are as close as possible to the financial and banking concerns of the Bank's clients, not forgetting the latest news and achievements of the BCGE.

Read the highlights of this edition

  • Let’s put our heads together and think about the opportunities and risks of real estate: the CEO’s editorial.
  • BCGE hosts a mini economic summit: an exclusive interview with the President of the Confederation.

  • A review of BCGE’s 27th General Meeting: all the proposals were accepted.
  • BCGE's SARON mortgage loan: what are the specific characteristics?
  • BCGE at the side of entrepreneurs: one article looks at financial risk management, the other at business transmission, with, a BCGE subsidiary.
  • Retirement savings for the self-employed: study the various possibilities.
  • Digital conferences at the service of BCGE expertise.
  • Focus on young people: a better understanding of finance and economics.
  • Values and convictions: interview with Maxime Chabloz, a BCGE sports ambassador.

You will also find your usual columns

  • The economic outlook for 2021-22: the Chief Economist's report.
  • An overview of the Geneva economy and the cockpit.
  • BCGE's achievements and partnerships.
  • The inspiration page: focus on a Swiss Army operation.
  • Reader’s corner.

Lastly, in keeping with its mission to support the regional economy, BCGE brings you articles devoted to current events in Geneva

  • Geneva, a company in action: Pierre Fuhrer, Pianos Service.
  • Geneva, a municipality in action: Meyrin Cœur de Cité.
  • Geneva, culture and society: the Comédie de Genève, theatre of the 20th century.

Dialogue is available in paper format at our branches and as an interactive digital magazine on our website