BCGE card

The BCGE card, linked only to a savings account, enables you to withdraw or deposit money at any BCGE ATM.

No charges on withdrawals or deposits
A very preferential rate for your EUR operations
Withdrawals are only possible if covered by the account balance available
The PIN code guarantees secure use of your card

The essentials

Simple and practical functionalities

With your BCGE card, you can make cash withdrawals in CHF and EUR at BCGE ATMs. You can also pay cash directly into your account. For EUR operations, you benefit from a very advantageous rate. The BCGE card enables you to consult your balance and your recent transactions.

A card to match your needs

With your BCGE card, you can withdraw up to CHF 5,000 a day at an ATM, your account balance permitting. 
The BCGE card is only available on accounts which have no financial flows, hence only on savings accounts.

Security for your ATM transactions

The PIN code is sent to you by separate letter. You can change the number on a BCGE ATM to make it easier to remember. 
To avoid fraud such as skimming when using your BCGE card, read our instructions carefully.

Further information


  • The annual bank card fee amounts to CHF 10
  • It is only available when linked to a savings account
  • It can only be used in BCGE ATMs